Death and Empire


The land of Galt was once a bastion of art and culture. The slow decline of the Taldan empire and forty years of civil war and revolution have brought Galt to its knees. In the last three years a young Gray Gardener commander named Ancien has thrown away her mask and risen to prominence, finally uniting the Gardeners and the Revolutionary Council to be named President of Galt.

A resurgent Galt threatened to tip the balance of power in Eastern Avistan. Grand Prince Stavian III of Taldor forged an alliance with the kings, barons, and exiled nobles of the River Kingdoms and declared a Grand Crusade against Ancien and her fledgling government.

Faced with this unprecedented threat, Ancien has taken the unprecedented step of universal conscription. Every able-bodied man and woman in Galt has been called to the defense of their country. Only the young, old, and infirmed remain behind to tend the fields and fend off raids from the goblins, bandits, and monsters which are a constant threat everywhere in Golarion.

Player’s Guide

Start with the House Rules Doc. Anything not explicitly called out in that Doc will be handled by standard Pathfinder rules. You can find all the Pathfinder Rules at 3rd party content is not allowed by default, but if you find something really cool and can prove to me that it won’t be game-breaking we can discuss it with the group.
I’ll also be giving Nirav my physical copies of the Core Rule Book, Advanced Class Guide, and Inner Sea Gods. Feel free to borrow them. If you’re a new player, you probably shouldn’t choose a class from the Advanced Class Guide, but it’s up to you.

This campaign is based in the world of Golarion. It’s up to you how much you want to know about the world heading into this campaign. But keep in mind that what your character knows is generally based on Knowledge checks. You can ask questions about the world, and how much I answer will be based on how well you do on that check.

You’ll need to create your character with some reason why you aren’t at the front with the army. Maybe you’re old or passed for a child or have a disability . Or maybe you are a draft dodger, or you’re on a secret mission from an army commander and you’re posing as a farmer, or maybe you’re a deserter who thought this was a good opportunity to turn to banditry. Come up with a cool reason why you haven’t been called up to the front. I’ll work with you to find a rule or plot to make it work. This choice will have consequences. Have fun with it.

Please feel free to add content to this Obsidian Portal page as we adventure. I’ll be updating Maps and Characters (NPCs) as we go.

Good luck! Adventure Awaits!

Death and Empire

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