List of Campaign Traits

If you have a character concept which really doesn’t fit one of these traits, let me know and I’ll craft one for you. These are just some basic concepts to get you started and give you some idea of what kinds of things you might expect from traits.


Five Kings Mercenary

Prerequisites: A dwarf from the Five Kings Mountains
Description: The continuous revolutions of the past 40 years made Galt a very attractive place for an ambitious dwarf like yourself. Many dwarfish fighters have left their ancestral home in the Five Kings Mountains looking for work in neighboring Galt. As a citizen of the Dwarven nation, you did not have to register for the draft. You begin play with an additional 150 gold from your recent jobs.

Taldan Spy

Prerequisites: None
Description: You are in Galt on a secret mission from Taldor. You have a magical gem which allows you to communicate with your handlers. Once per week you can send 20 words and hear 20 back. You have received brief training in spycraft. You get +1 to all Bluff checks, and Bluff is always a class skill for you.

Forlorn Exile

Prerequisites: An Elf from Kyonin
Description: The Elven land of Kyonin is closed to outsiders. It’s borders are carefully patrolled, and without permission even an elf is not allowed to enter or re-enter the Kingdom. You lived in Kyonin at some point but now you find yourself in the land of the Quicklings, unable to return to Kyonin. Other Elves call you “Forlorn”, but you’ve made a good life for yourself, even though you know that it will mean watching all of your friends die around you some day. Your long life and breadth of experience has given you a wealth of personal knowledge about the world around you. You gain +1 to Knowledge History, Knowledge Geography, and Knowledge Local. All three are class skills for you.

River Pirate

Prerequisites: None
Description: Since you were young, you’ve been a member of one River Kingdoms bandit gang or another. Gain +1 to Escape Artist, Intimidate, and Stealth. They are always class skills for you.

Secret Nobility

Prerequisites: None
Description: You are from one of the Noble houses which used to rule Galt. Some of your family managed to escape or hide from the executions which befell most nobles during the revolutions. You know a little of your family history, and you were able to fence an heirloom to get yourself started in the world. However, if anyone finds out about your lineage your life might be in danger. You gain +1 to Knowledge Nobility and Diplomacy. They are always class skills for you. You also gain an additional 150 starting gold.


Prerequisites: From Taldor
Description: You were raised on tales of heroic knights and benevolent wizards from Taldor’s Golden Age, and try to emulate their great deeds. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (history) checks. They are always class skills for you.

Bitter Elven Defender

Prerequisites: Elf from Kyonin
Description: Only the most cunning scouts of Kyonin are selected to serve as guards along the border between the elven nation and the dreaded Tanglebriar. Most who are sent to patrol those blighted reaches go with the aid of potent magical items and under the cloak of arcane disguise. You are either close with some who have guarded the elven homeland or know of the magical defenses used by the elves against their demonic foes. When you cast an enchantment spell on an evil outsider, the DC of that spell is increased by 2.


Prerequisites: Halfling from Andoran
Description: Even when facing foes larger than yourself, you still embody the Andoran ethos of liberty. You gain a +2 trait bonus to your CMB and your CMD when facing opponents who are at least one size larger than you.

Expert Smuggler

Prerequisites: None
Description: Years of smuggling and other unsavory work have trained you to hide your assets even when being actively searched. Other creatures take a -4 penalty on their Perception checks (opposed by your Sleight of Hand check) while frisking you.

Firebrand Orator

Prerequisites: From Andoran or Galt
Description: You inspire revolutionaries to fight for freedom with a rousing battle cry. As a standard action, you may make a rallying cry with a DC 15 Perform (oratory) check. On a successful check, any unarmed ally within 30 feet who is able to hear you gains a +2 trait bonus on attack rolls with improvised weapons and unarmed strikes. This bonus lasts for 1 round per level.

Goblin Pirate

Prerequisites: Goblin
Description: Although you might prefer life on board a ship, you often end up in the water for some odd reason. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Profession (sailor) and Swim checks, and both are always class skills for you. You might also have a peg leg or a hook for a hand, but that’s not so helpful.

List of Campaign Traits

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