House Rules Doc

1. You will determine ability scores using a 20 point buy. Rules for point buy are at under the “Purchase” section. You can use this Point Buy Calculator to help you out.
If everyone would rather do a traditional dice roll to determine scores, let me know. I tend to default to Point-buy because it makes things a bit more even and ensures that one person doesn’t get stuck with a low-score character that they don’t enjoy playing. But if you guys don’t care, I’m fine with dice-rolling. Let me know.

2. You can only invest skill points in a non-class skill if you have a positive (>0) modifier in the related ability. If you want to invest in a class skill you must have a non-negative modifier (>=0). You can never invest in a skill if you have a negative modifier in its related ability.

3. Allowed Races:


If you think a race should be allowed and it’s not on here, leave a comment and make your case.

4. You begin play with only a single trait. It must be one of the campaign traits from the List of Campaign Traits. You will earn additional traits as you play. The GM will hand them out as boons for great deeds or memorable RP. The GM will try to match them to your personality, actions, backstory, etc.

5. Multiclassing (and especially taking a Prestige class) isn’t free. You have to RP for it. You’ve been training as an Alchemist for 20 years and suddenly you take a level of Barbarian? Um, OK. But that’s not a small moment in the life of your character. Tell the GM what your leveling plan is so that I can start working these RP opportunities in early in the campaign. Ideally, by the time you’re ready to change classes, the RP will already be well under way. Sometimes an extra quest will be required. For funzies.

6. No Summoners. They’re just broken. All the Paizo authors have already outlawed them from their home games. So I will too.
All other classes and Archetypes from Paizo published material is legal.
One change from RAW is that the Titan Mauler Archetype can use oversized weapons in my campaign. If you don’t know what that means, please ask.

7. Lawful Evil is allowed. NE and CE are still outlawed. Keep in mind, LE is not a free pass to be a murder hobo. You start killing villagers because you want their loot, and you’re going to start attracting unwanted attention. This attention might not be level appropriate. You have been warned.

8. The rule of cool is an actual rule. If you’re not sure how to do something within the rules, just say what you want to do, and I’ll try to adjudicate what checks you need to make. Want to swing from a chandelier with one arm while you take a swipe at the harpy with your axe? Sure, it will probably be an acrobatics check that might subtract from your attack roll unless it’s really good.

9. The rule of cool also applies to out of combat situations. We aren’t doing kingmaking, but I’d encourage the party to make friends and influence people in the region. Invest in shops, start a mercenary company, arm your fanclub, whatever. Individual characters can totally do this without party buy-in, I just might ask you to do it out of session so it doesn’t use everyone else’s game time. This should fill the place of the Leadership feat (which is outlawed for combat flow reasons). All of the cool stuff you wanted to do with leadership, you can still do it, it will just require more RP.

10. You don’t have to declare your alignment at the start of the game.
Hear me out:

  • If you have a class prerequisite for a specific alignment, then you still need to have that alignment.
  • If you have no specific requirement to be one alignment or another then I’m going to assume, for mechanical purposes, that you are true neutral until you tell me otherwise
  • If you chose not to declare your alignment then it will develop as a result of your RP throughout the campaign.
  • I’ll keep an eye on your RP tendencies and the actions of your character. Once you begin drifting clearly towards a specific alignment, I’ll inform you, in private, what I think your alignment is. We can discuss it. I don’t want to mandate an alignment you don’t agree with.
  • If I notice that you are drifting towards and outlawed alignment (NE, CE), I’ll inform you well in advance and we can RP some redemption stories.
  • I’m using the Paladin Codes from Inner Sea Gods. Paladin Code overrides alignment. To a lesser extent the cleric and inquisitor will follow similar ideals.

House Rules Doc

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